Monday, March 2, 2015

5 surprising ways to boost your concentration !!

Exams are like mountain peaks in our life, especially boards, but don't worry guys Teens forum is always ready to help you. The black & white paper may confuse you during exam, but don't need to panic just follow these tips while giving your examination.

1) Take deep breaths before you start writing the exam.
Confused student during exam.

2) Take short breaks during long study schedule. Studying for hours at a stretch will lead to boredom and exhaustion. You should refresh your mind by taking short breaks to maintain your concentration.
3) Avoid unnecessary interruptions. Ensure that you are not hungry, sleepy, tired, or thirsty and do not need to go to the toilet before sitting down to study or writing a test. This will help you stay focused.

4) Pen down your thoughts. If, while studying, your mind is occupied by various thoughts, write down whatever comes to your mind before you actually sit down to study. This will help clear your mind of the thoughts and, in turn, increase concentration. Remember to tear up the page once rid of your thoughts. Also, if something is worrying you, then it will help to share it with someone.
5) It’s important to be interested. You cannot concentrate on studies if you are not interested in what you are reading or what is being taught to you.

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