Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exams Tips

If you plan your routine for exams, you will definitely pass your exams with a feeling to fly high.  .
Here are a few simple tips that you can follow:
  • You all heard these boring words Early to bed, early to rise, but this is very importance for everyone not only during exams, but in daily life.
  • During exams avoid to watch too much T.V., Internet surfing etc. because all these maybe distract  you. 
  • Love all subject because if you hate them, they will hate you too. So, study all subjects by jotting down importance sentences, dates, names etc. with a help of pencil.
  • Health is wealth, during exams take care of yourself.\. In India, annual exams are held in month of March and Holi is also held in this month. So, Indians try to control your self to eat too much GUJIYAAS, sweets etc.
  • Revision is the most importance for preparation of exams because revision can clear out how much you prepared for your exams. 
  • Think positive that you can pass out for next class.
So, guys & girls best of luck for your examination. Do well !! 

"If you're studying for an exam you're not thinking about the results. If you're always worried about the results, you can't study a lot. So to be engaged and detached from the outcome is excellent. Excellence is behavior. I mean, isn't that what martial arts is about? And that's what meditation is about, that's what, in many ways, sports are about."

Monday, March 2, 2015

Study Material for OTBA 2015 Class 9th .

CBSE OTBA 2015 for Class 9

  • CBSE has released OTBA material for Class 9 for the summative assessment 2 (SA 2). For Class 9 the OTBA material has been released for Science, English, Hindi, Social Science & Mathematics. 
  • This OTBA -Open Text Material will be used for Summative Assesment 2 - (SA 2).
  • Each text material includes sample questions and a suggestive marking scheme for use of teachers.

Subject & CodeUnits/ThemesTheme for OTBA 2015Marks Distribution
(valid for one theme)
(101 & 184)
1. India’s Tryst with Mars
2. The Cleaning-up Campaign  sweeps across the Country
(002 & 185) 
1. Swasthaya
2. Mangal par Bharat ka Mangla aagman 
 Social ScienceUnit 4:
Chapter 3
Poverty as a
1.  Story of Two Brothers
2.  Living on the edge  
Unit 4:
Our Environment
1. Understanding the Environment       of  Mars.
2. Clean India- We mean it!  
Unit 7
1. Atithi devo Bhava
2. Empower to Learn

OTBA Material  for Class 9 in English

5 surprising ways to boost your concentration !!

Exams are like mountain peaks in our life, especially boards, but don't worry guys Teens forum is always ready to help you. The black & white paper may confuse you during exam, but don't need to panic just follow these tips while giving your examination.

1) Take deep breaths before you start writing the exam.
Confused student during exam.

2) Take short breaks during long study schedule. Studying for hours at a stretch will lead to boredom and exhaustion. You should refresh your mind by taking short breaks to maintain your concentration.
3) Avoid unnecessary interruptions. Ensure that you are not hungry, sleepy, tired, or thirsty and do not need to go to the toilet before sitting down to study or writing a test. This will help you stay focused.

4) Pen down your thoughts. If, while studying, your mind is occupied by various thoughts, write down whatever comes to your mind before you actually sit down to study. This will help clear your mind of the thoughts and, in turn, increase concentration. Remember to tear up the page once rid of your thoughts. Also, if something is worrying you, then it will help to share it with someone.
5) It’s important to be interested. You cannot concentrate on studies if you are not interested in what you are reading or what is being taught to you.