Friday, May 29, 2015

If you're a book lover, then surely you're associated with these things !

Only Book lover can experience these things which associate with. You didn't wondered that these things are associated with you when you read a book.

  1. The Smell of New Book :-  This is little bit strange but it is the habit only related to book lovers.
  2. Window Corner :- It maybe because  of light come through window and maybe eye catches the nature through the window.
    Photo is taken from Shutterstock
  3. A Beverage :- Coffee , tea and cold drinks are the best pair in the world with books.
  4. Starting of a New Conversation :- When you're travelling and reading your book in public, within some time a new conversation will started with a stranger.
  5. Meet with Nature :- In the winter, under sun light and wide sky it is the great opportunity to meet with Nature .
  6. Late Nights :- Most of book lovers like to read book late night because it is the time when distractions are minimum.
  7. Lamps :-  Lamps are the good for book lovers who read their book late night.
So, In this summer buy or borrow a book and read it out !! with a love <3 .

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beat the Heat with your Freak

In this hot! summer impress your GF or BF with these easy-to-make and delicious drinks....
  1.  Lemon and Mint Juice (
  2.  Thandai (
  3.  Aam Panna (
  4.  Dahi Ki Lassi (

If you want to say thanks or sorry to anyone, try this !!!!